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Welcome to Equitas Strategic Partners, your trusted financial consulting company and team of expert financial advisors headquartered in Franklin, TN. With a commitment to excellence, we serve clients across the nation, offering tailored solutions to help your company thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our seasoned team focuses on integrity, innovation, and insight to deliver personalized financial and accounting solutions aligned with your unique goals. Beyond traditional advisory services, we foster deep partnerships with each client, ensuring a comprehensive approach to address your aspirations and challenges. Partner with Equitas, and together, let’s shape the future of your success.

Meet Our Founder:

Craig Cook

A native of Independence, MO, I came to Nashville as a college student and never looked back, embracing Nashville and all it had to offer. I have always had the personality trait of service and helping others to the best of my ability; be it selling men’s suits at Castner Knott, helping small businesses and non-profits with their bookkeeping, and collaborating with co-workers and customers in a fast paced corporate environment. My current focus is to guide small and mid-sized businesses/business owners through their journey by establishing accounting procedures and providing strategic financial leadership. My appreciation for business development has only enhanced that service minded trait in my ability to connect others in the business community. What can I do to help?

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Craig Cook

Meet Our Team

Michelle Clark

Michelle Clark

Michelle brings over 10 years of operational accounting experience to the Equitas team. Before joining Equitas Strategic Partners, she supported the rapid growth and development of several organizations through her leadership of corporate accounting, financial planning, budget management, and financial reporting activities. Michelle specializes in the consumer-packaged goods industry with a focus on contract manufacturing. She has several enterprise resource system implementations under her belt including Microsoft Dynamics AX, Sage X3, BrightPearl, and NetSuite. Her experience with financial planning and analysis tools, various ERP systems, an MTax degree, and years of experience in annual financial, labor, and sales tax audits allows Michelle to uniquely view financial issues from an operational and tax perspective.  Michelle’s experience with close processes, team management, and leadership in due diligence processes for private equity funding rounds makes her a comprehensive consultant for any M&A transaction.

Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams

Danielle has over 14 years of experience as an external auditor with Crowe LLP, a top ten public accounting firm, prior to joining Equitas Strategic Partners. She is a highly technical and detail-oriented CPA with GAAP expertise and a passion for financial reporting, technical accounting standards and leveraging technology effectively.  Danielle cultivated a reputation for being client-focused, adept at handling complex accounting issues, and thriving on challenging engagements across a wide range of industries, notably within the Technology, Media, and Telecom sector as well as non-profits.  Danielle’s technical proficiencies and wide exposure to clients and industries, positions her as a valuable consultant for any accounting and CFO function, especially within a dynamic, private equity-backed corporate environment. 

Brian Jerden

Brian Jerden

A recent Nashville transplant from Dallas, Texas brings over 20 years of controller and CFO experience to the Equitas team.  His broad experience includes operational accounting, financial reporting, payroll, financial planning, and treasury management. Brian has worked and developed efficient teams surrounding monthly reporting, forecasting, financial planning and budgeting, audits, and sales tax compliance in multiple industries including hospitality, service, and manufacturing.  He has implemented multiple ERP systems and upgrades over the years and is familiar with systems like Dynamics, Lawson, Peachtree, Epicor and QuickBooks. He has also been the primary contact for banking relations and securing funding requirements and initiatives. His diverse experience encompasses all size companies that allow him to plug in to any controller or CFO situation.

Meet Equitas Strategic Partners: Your Trusted Ally in Financial Success

Welcome to Equitas Strategic Partners, where expertise meets innovation to guide your business toward unparalleled success.  At Equitas, we believe that every financial decision holds the potential to shape the future of your business.  We understand the dynamic landscape of modern business and our seasoned team of strategic advisors is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that empower your company to thrive.

Our focus is always on integrity, innovation, and insight.  Equitas Strategic Partners is committed to providing personalized financial and accounting solutions that empower you to achieve your unique goals.

Our approach goes beyond conventional advisory services.  We take pride in delivering a holistic approach to consultancy by cultivating a partnership with each client, fostering a deep understanding of your aspirations and challenges.  Whether you seek financial optimization, market expansion, or operational efficiency, our advisors are committed to crafting bespoke solutions that align with your goals.

Equitas Strategic Partners is dedicated to being your trusted ally on the road to financial well-being.  Discover the power of strategic partnership…join forces with Equitas, and let’s sculpt the future of your success together.

Focusing on that partnership is what makes Equitas Strategic Partners stand above our competition.  We truly want to grow alongside our clients and take them to the next level in their journey.

business man holding out hand for handshake

Equity, Strategy, and Partnership

E – Equitas (Latin for equity) – The owner’s equity in a business, in accountant speak, is the value of the business to the owner as reflected in the financial statements.  Our goal is the help our clients increase that value as a result of our partnership.

S – Strategic – To provide strategic guidance from a financial standpoint is to identify, gather, and analyize accounting and financial data to assist the management team in making accurate and informed decisions.  That is exactly what we specialize in.

P – Partners – The Partners in Equitas Strategic Partners focuses on you, the client.  We want to partner with our clients, not only for accounting and financial assistance, but in every aspect of the business.  With the expansive network of professionals we have developed, we can put you in touch with the best resources.

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Begin a rewarding partnership with Equitas Strategic Partners, your trusted financial advisors and premier financial consulting firm in Franklin, TN. Whether local or nationwide, our seasoned team guides your business toward success. Beyond traditional financial services, we tailor custom solutions to meet your unique needs. Schedule a consultation today to discover how our financial consulting expertise can empower your business to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.